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Ladies League


Date: Wednesday Evenings.
Time: 6:30pm.
Fees: $5.00 + Green Fees
Co-ordinator: Bert Hawryluk


Ladies League at Heart River starts up in May & runs for 20 weeks each summer. You can sign up to join, drop in or bring a friend.


The ladies enjoy golf games such as bingo, poker, stroke play, counting putts, and other fun contests. There are fabulous prizes to be won every week. All levels of players have an excellent chance to win as prizes are awarded based on more than just low overall score. Come join our league for a great evening out with the girls. Enjoy lots of laughter, prizes, friendly competition and an entertaining evening... oh, and some golf too.


The Ladies League wind-up event is held in early September to wrap up the season. You can see by the photos of the 2006 Windup that these ladies know how to have a great time...


Ladies League Windup


Date: September
Time: 12:00 noon Start
Co-ordinator: Bert Hawryluk


Ladies League windup is open to all who have regularily participated in Ladies League on Wednesday evenings. Expect a great tournament with 18 holes of golf, supper and prizes.